How Do I Keep The Weight Off After I Lose It?

How Do I Keep The Weight Off After I Lose It?

1. Establish Habits

Heard this one from me before? ?

Remember, the biggest problem with a lot of diets is that they don’t have a very good plan for how to keep the weight off.

So make sure that you’re setting yourself up for the long term.

Roller coaster rides are only fun at theme parks.


2. Change up your workout

I’m not just saying this as a way to combat boredom in your workouts.

The more you do the same exercise over and over, the more efficient your body gets at it and the less calories it’ll burn to do it.

That’s why our gym is structured the way that it is–in order to offer plenty of variety so that you never hit that plateau.

You’re either moving forward or backward, so keep setting fresh goals

It’s also good to change up your workout in order to help you set some new goals.

Running water never grows stale, and “maintenance” is boring.

There’s a training style that athletes use called “Periodization”.

It basically means splitting up a large chunk of time into smaller chunks and focusing on different goals for each one.

For instance, I center my personal fitness goals around my martial arts training.

So I break my training up into these 4 stages:

1. General Fitness

2. Muscle Building

3. Power

4. Speed

Then I spend 3 months devoted to each one, making a full year of training.

By constantly changing the emphasis of your training, you get the fun of constantly seeing new results.


3. Plan for the future

There’s a concept taught by Inside Out Weight Loss author Renee Stephens.

It’s called “Your New Year Evolution”.

You can create it at any point in the year.

Basically, instead of writing down what you’re going to DO this year, you’ll write down where you want to BE by the end of the year.

This can inspire you to reach your goals, and it provides the flexibility of changing the things you do in order to accomplish them.


4. Keep tabs on your weight regularly

Fat has a sneaky way of creeping up on you.

So have a ritual in place of checking your weight regularly.

Studies prove that people who weigh themselves regularly are naturally more thoughtful about what they eat.


Coach Forrest

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