How To Be Thin Easily, Without Constantly Worrying About It

How To Be Thin Easily, Without Constantly Worrying About It

One of my favorite people in the world of weight loss training is Renee Stephens.

She has her own podcast series where she discusses tips on how to not only lose weight, but to keep it off.

And what I love most about her is that, although she touches on food and exercise a good amount, her main focus is on the internal aspects of weight loss.

What’s going on in our brains.

She’s closing in on 300 podcasts already, so you’re sure to find plenty of stuff to listen to while you workout or on your way to the gym.

To get you started, I recommend this episode, where she talks about how people who are naturally slender handle eating.

I hope you enjoy it and that you continue to listen to her stuff.

She calls her method “Inside Out Weight Loss”, and I really think that she points at one of the most overlooked, yet possibly most important, aspects of how to lose weight.

You’ll feel uplifted and inspired after every episode.


Coach Forrest

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