Liz Overcame Fear & Competed In Her 1st Kickboxing Match

About 4 years ago when I joined a kickboxing gym if you would have asked me if I would ever see myself in an actual competitive match I would have just laughed you off.

But yesterday I did just that.

My first match I technically “won” since my competitor from another gym bowed out but my second was an all out brawl with fellow teammate Erika Brice.

I ended up second place in a two person contest but I’m counting it as a personal win because I overcame my fear of getting out there in front of everyone and did something I’ve never done before.

I’m also super proud of my husband Justin Bain too who took on a black belt and experienced sparrer and forced him into an overtime match.

He may not have won but he gave him a hell of a fight. HUGE thanks to my team and coach and those who came out to support us, I’m looking forward to competing again later this year.

Liz Toglia

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