Trainer Success Story With Coach Pete

Trainer Success Story With Coach Pete

The Success Stories that I send out aren’t just to show you how well our programs do at helping people lose weight.

I send them out because everybody that succeeds has figured out what works best for them.

And everybody’s approach is different.

That’s why I dig in and find out what it is that they’re doing to achieve that success.

Because I know that you might be able to take their strategies and make them work for you.

So this month I have Coach Pete, sharing the keys to his own success as well as some of the goals he has now as a Fitness Trainer.

Since I met Pete, he has always been an avid fitness enthusiast. And in this interview I hope to let some of his personal passion rub off on you.

As an aside, these interviews are always a challenge to edit because there’s always so much great info.

I do my best to keep them to 3 mins, but this one had to go an extra minute.

Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you in class!


Coach Forrest
Fighting Fit Boot Camp

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